MKI Journal Club Schedule, Fall 2011

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).
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16 September
Scott Hertel Angloher, et al., Results from 730 kg days of the CRESST-II Dark Matter Search 1109.0702
Keivan Stassun Mark R. Krumholz, On the Origin of Stellar Masses 1109.1564
23 September
Josh Dillon Michael Kesden & Shravan Hanasoge, Transient solar oscillations driven by primordial black holes 1106.0011
Steven Leman Aalseth, et al. (The CoGeNT Collaboration), Search for an Annual Modulation in a P-type Point Contact Germanium Dark Matter Detector 1106.0650
Fox et al., A CoGeNT Modulation Analysis 1107.0717
Dan Hooper & Chris Kelso Implications of CoGeNT's New Results For Dark Matter 1106.1066
30 September
John Rutherford The OPERA Collaboration, Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam 1109.4897
Joseph Neilsen Fulvio Melia & Andrew Shevchuk, The R_h = ct Universe 1109.5189
7 October
Rebecca Sobel Levinson Viola, et al., Shear-flexion cross-talk in weak-lensing measurements 1107.3920
Paul Schechter Papastergis, et al., The velocity width function of galaxies from the 40% ALFALFA survey: shedding light on the CDM overabundance problem 1106.0710
14 October
Lu Feng Watson, et al., A new cosmological distance measure using AGN 1109.4632
Vincent Fish Dexter, et al., The size of the jet launching region in M87 1109.6011
21 October
Sarah Trowbridge Shuang-Nan Zhang & Yi Xie, Magnetic Field Decay Makes Neutron Stars Look Older Than They Are 1110.3154
Brice-Olivier Demory A. Wolfgang & G. Laughlin, Combining Kepler and HARPS Occurrence Rates to Infer the Period-Mass-Radius Distribution of Super-Earths/Sub-Neptunes 1108.5842v1
28 October
Adam Anderson S. E. Woosley & Alexander Heger, Long Gamma-Ray Transients from Collapsars 1110.3842
John Richardson Krimgis et al., Zero outward flow velocity for plasma in a heliosheath transition layer
4 November
Roberto Sanchis Ojeda Sierks et al., Images of Asteroid 21 Lutetia: A Remnant Planetesimal from the Early Solar System
Patzold et al., Asteroid 21 Lutetia: Low Mass, High Density
Coradini et al., The Surface Composition and Temperature of Asteroid 21 Lutetia As Observed by Rosetta/VIRTIS
Ed Bertschinger Fabian et al., 1H0707-495 in 2011: An X-ray source within a gravitational radius of the event horizon 1108.5988
11 November
No Journal Club: Veteran's Day
18 November
Uchupol Ruangsri Sean T. McWilliams & Janna Levin, Electromagnetic extraction of energy from black hole-neutron star binaries 1101.1969
Nevin Weinberg Tsang et al., Resonant Shattering of Neutron Star Crusts 1110.0467
25 November
No Journal Club: Thanksgiving Break
2 December
Leslie Rogers Schmidt et al., Active formation of "chaos terrain" over shallow subsurface water on Europa
Michael McDonald Erb et al., Filamentary Large Scale Structure Traced by Six Ly-alpha Blobs at z=2.3 1109.2167
9 December
Adrian Liu Zahn et al., Cosmic microwave background constraints on the duration and timing of reionization from the South Pole Telescope 1111.6386
David Huenemoerder Curran et al., Multi-wavelength diagnostics of accretion in an X-ray selected sample of CTTSs 1011.5915