MKI Journal Club Schedule, Fall 2009

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).
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11 September
Phil ZukinA. Del Popolo, The Cusp/Core Problem and the Secondary Infall Model [arXiv:0906.4447]
Josh WinnHellier et al., An orbital period of 0.94 days for the hot-Jupiter planet WASP-18b
18 September
Leo SteinAntonini et al., Tidal break-up of binary stars at the Galactic center and its consequences
Rob SimcoeMultiple papers, Differences in the Universe as Seen Toward Gamma-Ray Bursts versus Quasars
25 September
Nico CappellutieROSITA - an all-sky X-ray survey mission
Robyn SandersonPiontek and Steinmetz, The Angular Momentum Problem in Cosmological Simulations of Disk Galaxy Formation
2 October
Sarah TrowbridgeTroja et al., Going out with a bang: compact object collisions resulting from supernovae in binary systems
Josh CarterSnellen, de Mooij, and Burrows, Bright optical dayside emission from extrasolar planet CoRoT-2b
9 October
Robert QuimbyEarly Results from the Palomar Transient Factory
Peter FisherA Theory of Dark Matter [arXiv:0810.0713]
16 October
Adrian LiuMoro-Martin et al., Will the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope detect extra-solar planetesimals entering the solar system? [arXiv:0908.3948]
Fred BaganoffDexter, Agol, and Fragile, Millimeter Flares and VLBI Visibilities from Relativistic Simulations of Magnetized Accretion onto the Galactic Center Black Hole [arXiv:0909.0267]
23 October
No Journal Club: President Obama's address on campus
30 October: special Halloween journal club
Ben CainMason et al., Implications of a High Angular Resolution Image of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in RXJ1347-1145
John BelcherMcComas et al., Global Observations of the Interstellar Interaction from the Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX)
6 November
John RutherfordBongiorno et al., Measurements of Si Hybrid CMOS X-Ray Detector Characteristics [arXiv:0909.2898]
Herman Marshall Halpern and Gotthelf, Spin-down Measurement of PSR J1852+0040 in Kesteven 79: Central Compact Objects as Anti-Magnetars
Gotthelf and Halpern, Discovery of a 112 ms X-Ray Pulsar in Puppis A: Further Evidence of Neutron Stars Weakly Magnetized at Birth [arXiv:0902.3007]
13 November
Jinrong LinBhattacharyya et al., Systematic variation in the apparent burning area of thermonuclear bursts and its implication for neutron star radius measurement [arXiv:0908.4245]
Daniel GrumillerGrumiller and Piso, Exact relativistic viscous fluid solutions in near horizon extremal Kerr background
20 November
No Journal Club: MKI EPO conference in Marlar
27 November
No Journal Club: Thanksgiving vacation
4 December
Scott HertelPurcell, Bullock, and Kaplinghat, The Dark Disk of the Milky Way
Steve Lemande Boer, Indirect Dark Matter Searches in the Light of ATIC, FERMI, EGRET and PAMELA
11 December
Leslie Rogers J. M. Sunshine et al., Temporal and Spatial Variability of Lunar Hydration as Observed by the Deep Impact Spacecraft
C. M. Pieters et al., Character and Spatial Distribution of OH/H2O on the Surface of the Moon Seen by M3 on Chandrayaan-1
R. N. Clark, Detection of Adsorbed Water and Hydroxyl on the Moon
Al LevineMatsuoka et al., The MAXI Mission on the ISS: Science and Instruments for Monitoring All Sky X-Ray Images