MKI Journal Club Schedule, Spring 2016

The MKI Journal Club meets Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (37-252).
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5 February
First Journal Club: Meet & Greet
12 February
Alex Ji Hogg et al. "Chemical tagging can work: Identification of stellar phase-space structures purely by chemical-abundance similarity"
Olek Sadowski Jiang et al Iron Opacity Bump Changes the Stability and Structure of Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei
19 February
Tom Cooper Zahedy et al Dissecting the Multiphase Circumgalactic Medium Around Three Massive Lensing Galaxies at z =0.4-0.7
Paul Schechter Eckert et al The XXL survey XIII. Baryon content of the bright cluster sample
26 February
Cancelled Author Title
Cancelled Author Title
4 March
Taweewat Somboonpanyakul Sanders et al A very deep Chandra view of metals, sloshing and feedback in the Centaurus cluster of galaxies
Robert Penna Connaughton et al Fermi GBM Observations of LIGO Gravitational Wave event GW150914
11 March
Sherry Guo Uehara et al, Transiting Planet Candidates Beyond the Snow Line Detected by Visual Inspection of 7557 Kepler Objects of Interest
Mark Vogelsberger Wetzel et al, Reconciling dwarf galaxies with LCDM cosmology: Simulating a realistic population of satellites around a Milky Way-mass galaxy
18 March
Luke Bouma Martin et al et al No circumbinary planets transiting the tightest Kepler binaries - a possible fingerprint of a third star
Niels Warburton Sesana The promise of multi-band gravitational wave astronomy
25 March
No Journal Club: Spring Break
1 April
Ryan Lynch LIGO and Virgo Collaboration Astrophysical Implications of the Binary Black-Hole Merger GW150914
Frederick Baganoff Johnson et al Resolved magnetic-field structure and variability near the event horizon of Sagittarius A*
8 April
David Hernandez Rein et al IAS15: a fast, adaptive, high-order integrator for gravitational dynamics, accurate to machine precision over a billion orbits
Federico Marinacci Meece et al Triggering and Delivery Algorithms for AGN Feedback
15 April
Ryan McKinnon Zitlau et al Stacking for machine learning redshifts applied to SDSS galaxies
Victoria Grinberg Siegert et al Positron annihilation signatures associated with the outburst of the microquasar V404 Cygni
22 April
Anirudh Chiti Kordopatis et al Chemodynamic subpopulations of the Carina dwarf galaxy
Jack Steiner van Velzen et al A radio jet from the optical and x-ray bright stellar tidal disruption flare ASASSN-14li
29 April
No Journal Club: Postdoc Symposium
6 May
Greg Dooley Sawala et al The chosen few: the low-mass haloes that host faint galaxies
Joey Neilsen Shidatsu et al An optically-thick disk wind in GRO J1655-40?
13 May
Abraham Neben Helgason et al On the physical requirements for a pre-reionization origin of the unresolved near-infrared background
Denis Martynov Calabrese et al Testing Gravity with Gravitational Wave Source Counts