MKI Journal Club Schedule, Fall 2016

The MKI Journal Club meets Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (37-252).
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9 September
First Journal Club: Meet & Greet
16 September - 4 November
No Journal Club: Marlar Renovations
11 November
No Journal Club: Veterans Day
18 November
Alex Ji Helmi et al. "A box full of chocolates: The rich structure of the nearby stellar halo revealed by Gaia and RAVE"
25 November
No Journal Club: Thanksgiving
2 December
Aaron Buikema Armano et al. "Sub-Femto-g Free Fall for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observatories: LISA Pathfinder Results"
Rana Ezzeddine Nordlander et al. "3D NLTE analysis of the most iron-deficient star, SMSS0313-6708"
9 December
Keaton Burns Featherstone & Hindman "The Emergence of Solar Supergranulation as a Natural Consequence of Rotationally Constrained Interior Convection"
Eric Miller Zhang et al. "Hydrogen Emission from the Ionized Gaseous Halos of Low Redshift Galaxies"
16 December
Hang Yu Kajava et al. "Detection of burning ashes from thermonuclear X-ray bursts"
Elisabeth Newton Garraffo et al. "The Missing Magnetic Morphology Term in Stellar Rotation Evolution"