MKI Journal Club Schedule, Spring 2015

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).
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6 February
Abraham Neben Zemcov et al, On the Origin of Near-Infrared Extragalactic Background Light Anisotropy
Olek Sadowski Hayasaki et al, Circularization of Tidally Disrupted Stars around Spinning Supermassive Black Holes
13 February
David Hernandez Zwart and Boekholt, On the minimal accuracy required for simulating self-gravitating systems by means of direct N-body methods
Bob Penna Chen and Morris, On the origin and evolution of icicle ripples
20 February
Josh Dillon Robertson et al., Cosmic Reionization and Early Star-Forming Galaxies: A Joint Analysis of New Constraints from Planck and Hubble Space Telescope
Meng Su Planck Collaboration, Planck 2015 Results
27 February
David Goldfinger Bonechi et al., A projective reconstruction method of underground or hidden structures using atmospheric muon absorption data
Zach Berta-Thompson de Pater et al., Record-breaking Storm Activity on Uranus in 2014
6 March
Alan Levine Wu et al., An ultraluminous quasar with a twelve-billion-solar-mass black hole at redshift 6.30
Bernard Burke Boots on Mars?
13 March
Aaron Ewall-Wice Pober et al., PAPER-64 Constraints On Reionization II: The Temperature Of The z=8.4 Intergalactic Medium
Federico Marinacci Onorbe et al., Forged in FIRE: cusps, cores, and baryons in low-mass dwarf galaxies
20 March
Danny Miller Finlator et al., The Reionization of Carbon
Paul Schechter Graham et al., A possible close supermassive black-hole binary in a quasar with optical periodicity
27 March
No Journal Club Spring Vacation
3 April
Uchupol Ruangsri James et al., Gravitational lensing by spinning black holes in astrophysics, and in the movie Interstellar
Victoria Grinberg Aleksic et al. (MAGIC collaboration), Black hole lightning due to particle acceleration at subhorizon scales
10 April
Xueying Guo Les and Lin, Gap formation and stability in non-isothermal protoplanetary discs
Lia Corrales Nozawa et al., Evolution of grain size distribution in high-redshift dusty quasars: Integrating large amounts of dust and unusual extinction curves
17 April
Alex Ji Ma et al., The Difficulty Getting High Escape Fractions of Ionizing Photons from High-redshift Galaxies: a View from the FIRE Cosmological Simulations
Joey Neilsen Petroff et al., Identifying the source of perytons at the Parkes radio telescope
24 April
Greg Dooley Fry et al., All about baryons: revisiting SIDM predictions at small halo masses
Kevin Schlaufman Epstein et al., Testing the Asteroseismic Mass Scale Using Metal-Poor Stars Characterized with APOGEE and Kepler
1 May
No Journal Club MKI Postdoc Symposium
8 May
Ryan Lynch Wright et al., The G Infrared Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations with Large Energy Supplies. I. Background and Justification
Nevin Weinberg Santander-Garcia et al., The double-degenerate, super-Chandrasekhar nucleus of the planetary nebula Henize 2-428