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MKI Journal Club Schedule, Fall 2012

MKI Journal Club meets semester Fridays at noon in the Marlar Lounge (building 37, room 252).
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15 February
Alex J. Ibata et al. A Vast Thin Plane of Co-rotating Dwarf Galaxies Orbiting the Andromoda Galaxy
Norbert Schulz Akimkin et al. Protoplanetary Disk Structure With Grain Evolution: the ANDES Model and Podio et al. Water vapor in the protoplanetary disk of DG Tau
22 February
Abraham Neben Robertson et al. New Constraints on Cosmic Reionization from the 2012 Hubble Ultra Deep Field Campaign
Rusen Lu Sadowski et al. Radio Light Curves During the passage of cloud G2 near Sgr A*
1 March
David Hernandez. Jianmang Lin, Puxum Wu, Hongwei Yu Re-examining the role of curvature in the slowing down acceleration scenario
Salvatore Vitale Walter Del Pozzo Inference of the cosmological parameters from gravitational waves: application to second generation interferometers
15 March
Alex Leder IceCube collaboration Search for Muon neutrinos from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the IceCube neutrino telescope
IceCube collaboration An absence of neutrinos associated with cosmic-ray acceleration in gamma-ray bursts
Josh Winn Dressing, Courtney D.; Charbonneau, David, The Occurence Rate of Small Planets around Small Stars
22 March
Aaron Ewall-Wice Garrison-Kimmel et al. Can Feedback Solve the Too Big to Fail Problem
Boylan-Kolchin et al. Too big to fail? The puzzling darkness of massive Milky Way subhaloes
Max Tegmark An overview of the Planck Results released on 2013-03-21.
5 April
Lu Feng Bo Ma & Jian Ge, Statistical Properties of Brown Dwarf Companions: Implications for Different Formation Mechanisms
Paul Schecter Behroozi et al. Unbound Particles in Dark Matter Halos * Will be reviewing a yet-to-be posted but very much revised version
12 April
Uchupol Ruangsri Guillochon et al. Hydrodynamical Simulations to Determine the Feeding Rate of Black Holes by the Tidal Disruption of Stars: The importance of the Impact Parameter and Stellar Structure
Rob Simcoe Neeleman et al. The Fundamental Plane of Damped Lyman Alpha Systems
April 19
Greg Dooley Angulo et al. The Warm DM halo mass function below the cut-off scale.
Heather Jacobson Peacock et al. Signatures of multiple stellar populations in unresolved extragalactic globular / young massive star clusters
May 3
Adam Anderson Mao et al. Connecting Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments to Cosmologically Motivated Halo Models
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein Jennings et al. The abundance of voids and the excursion set formalism
May 10
Thomas Cooper Rudie et al. Opacity of Intergalactic and Circumgalactic Medium at Redshift \=2.4
Ron Remillard TBD