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Max Tegmark, Dieter H. Hartmann, Michael S. Briggs, Jon Hakkila & Charles A. Meegan


We tighten previous upper limits on gamma ray burst repetition by analyzing the angular power spectrum of the BATSE 3B catalog of 1122 bursts. At 95% confidence, we find that no more than 2% of all observed bursts can be labeled as repeaters, even if no sources are observed to repeat more than once. If a fraction f of all observed bursts can be labeled as repeaters that are observed to burst v times each, then all models with (v-1)f>0.05 are ruled out at 99% confidence, as compared to the best previous 99% limit (v-1)f>0.27. At 95% confidence, our new limit is (v-1)f>0.02. Thus even a cluster of 6 events from a single source would have caused excess power above that present in the 3B catalog. We conclude that the current BATSE data are consistent with no repetition of classical gamma ray bursts, and that any repeater model is severely constrained by the near perfect isotropy of their angular distribution.

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Published in ApJ, 466, 757-763 (1996)

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This site also contains the latest versions of a paper that is referenced in the text; Tegmark, Hartmann, Briggs & Meegan 1995 ("THBM95"). You can find many of the referenced papers from the BATSE team here.

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