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The four galaxy "clans"
Figure 1: These four galaxy subsets cannot all trace the same matter distribution - not even if you allow different bias factors.

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Observational evidence for stochastic biasing


Max Tegmark & Ben Bromley


We show that the galaxy density in the Las Campanas Redshift Survey (LCRS) cannot be perfectly correlated with the underlying mass distribution since various galaxy subpopulations are not perfectly correlated with each other, even taking shot noise into account. This rules out the hypothesis of simple linear biasing, and suggests that the recently proposed stochastic biasing framework is necessary for modeling actual data.

Reference info:

astro-ph/9809324, accepted for publication in ApJL
Figure 2: A generalized chi2-test shows that weighted differences of the maps of figure 1 are inconsistent with mere shot noise.


This is my third paper in a series about stochastic bias - the other two are here.

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