Max Tegmark's library: CMB press

Here are some articles in the popular press that will give you an idea of why I think the cosmic microwave background data analysis is such fun:

This is from the September 1998 issue of Scientific American:


For more information, please visit the QMAP web site. Note that Angelica and I are theorists and (contrary to what the article indicates) had nothing to do with building or flying the Saskatoon and QMAP experiments: we worked exclusively on the reduction and scientific analysis of the measurements. Indeed, our hardware friends were afraid of letting clumsy theorists like us anywhere near the detectors out of (well-justified) fear that we'd break them!

This is from the May 30 1998 issue of Science News, again about QMAP:

This is from the September 4 1998 issue of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. The figure is based on this paper and the Saskatoon experiment web site is here:

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