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I saw a few flatworms on the trip. They're about an inch long. They normally crawl, but can swim with a hypnotic undulating motion. I caught a few moments of a swimming flatworm (2 MB).
One day we ran across a school of very large bumphead parrotfish. My guide estimated that they each weighed 60-70 pounds. I tried to get enough video to provide a sense of the size of the school of bumphead parrotfish (8 MB)
I saw a several sea turtles; some dives I saw two or three. Here I was diving at about 60-70 feet, and saw a turtle below me. I started chasing after it, camera in video mode, but stopped when I reached 90 feet—that was deep enough, and it was clear that he was outpacing me. But I did get a decent clip of that sea turtle (9 MB).
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