Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Dive Computer



This is my Oceanic® Pro Plus 2 dive computer, which monitors air usage as well as depth and time underwater. I chose this model largely because its display uses huge characters, and as I get older I'm learning to appreciate ease-of-reading features.

The Pro Plus 2 is an air-integrated model, which means that it monitors the amount of air in the tank, and beeps when it starts running low. This is good except for one problem: When you start running low on air at depth, and cross the alarm threshold, the computer beeps. So you swim up a few meters, at which point you're back on the safe side of the threshold. That's because the computer calculates that, at the shallower depth, you are using less air and have more time. Then a minute later you cross the threshold for the new depth, and the computer beeps again. So you move up a bit more. A minute later you run low on air for that depth, and then it's "beep beep beep" again.

This cycle can repeat many times. The result is that the computer beeps almost constantly toward the end of every dive. I've had other divers comment that my computer makes a lot of noise, and I've had people wonder if I'm having problems (possibly an emergency). I suppose this must be a problem for many models of air-integrated computers, but the solution would be fairly simple. Just program the computer not to sound the alarm more than once every five minutes or so.