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Software Utilities

Given standard response files, simulations and analysis can be done in most any X-ray data analysis system. Working with 6 orders with different resolutions and grids, however, can be tricky. ISIS was designed for Chandra high-resolution analysis and has many scriptable features which support dynamic manipulation of the data, such as binning and grouping, regridding data and responses, or combining datasets.

This is an ISIS example, example.sl, which loads the R~3000 Lorentzian responses, defines an APED two-temperature plasma model, and simulates an absorbed thermal spectrum for the IXO/CAT configuration. It also shows how to regrid and display the CAT multiple orders to a common grid which preserves the highest resolution. This script uses two customized utility scripts, ixo_cat_util.sl and isis_fancy_plots.sl.

Here is an Xspec example, example.xspec, which uses the same responses and which simulates a powerlaw spectrum.

These scripts are also included in the "Response Files" download package.

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