IXO/CAT: Comparisons


IXO/CAT Comparison to Other X-ray Observatories

Data for other missions was obtained from proposal planning responses available on the web. Resolutions were derived by folding a delta function and then fitting the FWHM using diagnonal responses. Tabular data for the other missions is available here: xrayobs_performance.tbl. (Note: some similar multiple detector quantities were combined into a mean value.). The IXO/CAT tabular data is available here: ixocat_performance_D180.tbl.

Thin lines on the area and figure-of-merit plots are for the Project requirement effective area of 3000 cm^2. Tabular data for that configuration is available here: ixocat_performance_D54.tbl.

Effective areas of high-resolution X-ray spectrometers
Note: the CAT orders 1-5 and order 0+direct would be obtained simultaneously (orders 1-5 on the grating readout, zeroth+direct on the microcalorimeter).

effective areas

Resolving powers vs. mission
resolving powers
Figure of Merits vs. mission
figure of merits

Response Files Used

  • Chandra:
      	acisi_aimpt_cy10.arf, 	acisi_aimpt_cy10.rmf
      	aciss_aimpt_cy10.arf,  	aciss_aimpt_cy10.rmf
      	aciss_heg-1_cy10.garf,	aciss_heg-1_cy10.grmf
      	aciss_heg1_cy10.garf,  	aciss_heg1_cy10.grmf
      	aciss_meg-1_cy10.garf, 	aciss_meg-1_cy10.grmf
      	aciss_meg1_cy10.garf,  	aciss_meg1_cy10.grmf
  • Suzaku:
  • XMM-Newton:
    	mos1-med.arf, mos1-med.rmf
    	mos2-med.arf, mos2-med.rmf
    	pn-med.arf,   pn-med.rmf

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