Puppis A

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BEK region: ACIS, R:G:B =
0.4-0.75 : 0.75-1.1 : 1.1-3.0 keV

BEK region: ACIS, R:G:B = O:Fe:Ne

Full SNR: Radio(red) & X-ray(grn),
Castelletti (2006)

Coming soon: Simulated Micro-X Observation of Puppis A


What Micro-X sees...

Counts/pixel distribution over image

ACIS image with center indicated

An ARF for Micro-X and Puppis Simulation


The plot at left shows the Puppis A BEK vpshock model (below) folded through the Micro-X effective area file:
microx.arf (FITS)
for a 300 second exposure. A line broadening of 4.5 eV FWHM is included as well. The plot was made with the isis script analysis_microx_sim.sl .

The arf file was created from the text effective area file, EffectiveArea_081128.txt, using a hacked script from dph: dph_microx_mk_arf.sl .

( FYI, these files are in MKI directory: /nfs/spectra/d1/Science/Puppis/e2d_081111/ )

Comparing FPCS (Winkler 1981), ACIS, and vpshock


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