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Online quick references

The output of the 'help commands (see below) and other useful quick-references are given here:

Getting command-line help

It is useful to know that, once hydra is running, typing v3d_help; s3d_help; or e2d_help; will output brief organized lists of their routines. Simple usage information on a routine can usually be had by typing the routine's name without arguments, e.g.:

hydra> e2d_load_data;
............................For grating data partordsrc = [part,order[,srcid]]
Usage: ................. e2d_load_data(FITSfile,ColX,ColY, [xyorigins], [partordsrc], [eminemax]);

The S-Lang 'apropos' and 'help' commands are also very useful, especially for ISIS and SLang commands, e.g.:
hydra> apropos rand

Found 5 function matches in namespace Global:
grand prand randomize
seed_random urand

Found 3 variable matches in namespace Global:
GSL_Rand_Type _gslrand_module_version _gslrand_module_version_string

hydra> help plot
. . . [page of documentation with SEE ALSO 's too] . . .

Event-2D Future Enhancements

Here's a brief planed/wish-list improvements to Event-2D and Source-3D; see also the lists of ideas kept in the ChangeLog.txt file.

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