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The current version of volview is 0.1.3, and is available as source code from here.

Explicit dependencies are: S-Lang, the S-Lang PNG module, SLgtk, SLIRP, and volpack. While perhaps daunting at first glance, in many cases --- especially on modern systems --- these dependencies can be satisfied within 10 to 20 minutes. The --enable-download configure switch may be used to simplify builds by automatically retrieving the volpack library or SLgtk binary (if available for your platform) when necessary.

First ensure that you are using S-Lang version 2.0.6 or later. One way to do this is

	% slsh --version
	slsh version 0.7.5-0
	S-Lang Library Version: 2.0.6
If you build S-Lang yourself be sure to issue the commands for building dynamic versions (e.g. make elf and make install-elf on Gnu/Linux), rather than the default make and make install commands (which build only static code). The PNG module will be created during your S-Lang build if the S-Lang configure script was able to find libpng and png.h on your system. This can be tested with
 	slsh>  require("png");
If this fails you can try to help the S-Lang configure script find the PNG library by re-configuring with the --with-png=, --with-pnglib=, or --with-pnginc= hints. If that doesn't help you'll probably need to download and install the PNG library yourself, then re-configure S-Lang and rebuild & install the modules directory.

Next, ensure that SLgtk and SLIRP are available. If you have Gtk+ 2 installed it's better to build SLgtk from source, but if not binaries are available on selected platforms for some versions of SLgtk. SLIRP is also bundled with the source distribution of SLgtk, so if you are going to build SLgtk from source there's no need to separately download and build SLIRP.

A current distribution of the Volpack library is available here, or, as mentioned above, it may be downloaded and built automatically using the --enable-download configure option.

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