Re: How to define the delimeter with readcol

From: John E. Davis <davis_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 14:02:18 -0500
Tolga Guver <tolga_at_email.domain.hidden> readcol just uses anything it sees as a delimiter (all of the '-' or
> ',' values), I was wondering how I could make readcol to use only
> spaces as a delimiter and take e.g. RXTE OBSIDs (which look like :
> 30062-01-01-00) as a whole into a string array ? .

You might want to see if the readascii function will work for you.
You have to first load it:

   isis> .load readascii
   isis> help readascii

> Also is there a way to make readcol ignore if a value is missing in a
> column ? for example we have two columns in the first line of the
> ASCII file and only 1 in the second. I know this is not the ideal way
> of reading tables, but it would be helpful if there is anything I
> could use.

Do you want isis to read just the rows that contain two columns, or do
you want isis to read all the rows and substitute a default value for
the second column?

In any case, if you provide the files I am sure that we can come up
with a way to read the file.

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