Re: isis close X11 when exit on Mac

From: David P. Huenemoerder <dph_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 11:30:40 -0500
Hi Juan - 

    juan> Yes, unfortunately I'm still having the problem. It happens
    juan> even when I'm not plotting anything. If I just start and
    juan> exit isis, it also close the X11 windows.

    juan> Do you have the pgplot demos installed?  You could try
    juan> running those to see if they have this issue.

    juan> I don't know, where they should be?

There might be a pgdemo directory somewhere in the heasoft tree, but
maybe only for a source install.  I don't see it in the heasoft binary
distribution on my mac.  I have a copy in my pgplot installation, but
you might not have it.  Try to find pgdemo1; e.g.

find /usr/local/ -name pgdemo1

(root the find wherever you have local packages installed).

    juan> $ strace -o /tmp/isis.log isis

    juan> doesn't have strace :(

As is typical, the Mac renames things slightly.  It looks like it is
called dtrace; there is also dtruss:


dtrace is in /usr/sbin; you'll need to run it via

sudo dtrace

or as a system adminstrator.

-- Dave

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