Plot label problem

From: Tolga Guver <guver.tolga_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2008 10:35:27 -0700

I am trying to create a multiplot using the tool multiplot in ISIS.
However i have a problem with the x and y axis labels.

It starts writing the label from the central point of the axis with a 
left justification, so the final text does not look like centralized.
Instead it just starts from that central point, which of course if the 
text is long enough does not look nice.

I used

xlabel("Time (s)");

in ISIS commands.
i also tried

_pglab and label version of that as well

they all did the same thing.
With the usual spectral plots, i don't have that problem they just look 
I was wondering if there is something i can do for that. I can send the 
whole plot script if needed.

thank you very much

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