Re: New "constant" kernel?

From: John Houck <houck>
Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 17:45:23 -0500
On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 16:25 -0500, Andy Young wrote:
> Dear ISIS users
> 	Thanks for fixing that bug so quickly! I was wondering how easy it
> would be to add another kernel to ISIS that would behave like the
> XSPEC "constant" model -- for example set_kernel(3,"constant") would
> multiply the model as applied to data set 3 by some constant value.
> Then multiple data sets could be fit simultaneously with different
> normalizations. The reason I ask is that we're interested in
> simultaneously fitting slightly piled-up Chandra data and RXTE data,
> the normalizations of which differ. I'd guess that writing such a
> kernel would be considerably easier than changing the way ISIS
> applies models to different data sets? I don't suppose anyone has
> plans to code up such a kernel in the near future...?
> Many thanks
> Andy Young

Yes, this is fairly easy to do because user-defined kernels
can be added through dynamic linking and don't require modifying
isis at all.  

I put an example in
The tar file includes a README which describes how to compile and
link the new kernel.

I gave it a quick test, so I think this example kernel is ok,
but you might want to test it yourself to be sure.

 -- John

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