aglc - Examples


The following two demonstration scripts will perform a number of operations and echo the principle aglc functions to the terminal along with commentary. The scripts must be run in ISIS.

Vela X-1 hardness selected spectra

This demo script reads the Vela X-1 events, forms light curves in several bands, plotting as it goes. It then forms a color-color plot, and selects based on the hardness ratio, bins spectra from the selections, and finally re-plots the light curve and marks the bins based on the hardness selection.

This example demonstrates the use of reverse indices and dynamic binning of grating spectra. is the summary graphic produced.

isis.log is an isis log.

44 Boo phased light curve and flare filtering

This demo script reads the 44 Boo - a short period coronally active binary - and bins light curves in two wide bandpasses. From the hardness ratio, it identifies 3 flares, filters the data on the non-flare times, and bins a phased light curve. Using various time manipulation functions, it shows the light curves in unfolded phase, phase, and unbinned phase (i.e., each time's phase bins vs. phase, but not summed). is the summary graphic produced by the script.

isis.log is an isis log.

Data Files for the Examples

The example event files, scripts, logs, and plots may all be downloaded here: Examples.tgz (14MB). Event files have been truncated to the minimum columns required, and are compressed. (They may be used in compressed form if you have cfitsio and/or ciao installed with the gzip option enabled.)

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