add_pha - examples


With paramio

  1. explicit parameters (input file names are comma-delimited without spaces):
    ciao> ciaorun add_pha  infiles=f1.pha,f2.pha  outfile=f12.pha comments="sum of f1+f2"
  2. using prompts:
    ciao> ciaorun add_pha clobber+
    Input pha file spec (): f1.pha,f2.pha
    Output pha file name (): f12.pha
  3. using @-files:
    ciao> echo f1.pha >
    ciao> echo f2.pha >>
    ciao> echo "summed files:" >
    ciao> echo f1.pha >>
    ciao> echo f2.pha >>
    ciao> ciaorun add_pha  f12.pha
  4. using cfitsio virtual file syntax:
    ciao> ciaorun add_pha f3.pha"[tg_part==2 && (tg_m==-1 || tg_m==1)]" MEG_pm_1st.pha

Without Paramio

The parameter names are omitted, and the first two arguments are required, there is no prompting. Input file names (if multiple) should be comma-delimited without spaces.
  1. basic usage
    > add_pha  f1.pha,f2.pha,f3.pha  f123.pha  "sum of f1+f2+f3"
  2. using @-files (as above):
    > add_pha  f12.pha
  3. using cfitsio virtual file syntax:
    > add_pha f3.pha"[tg_part==2 && (tg_m==-1 || tg_m==1)]",\
    > f4.pha"[tg_part==2 && (tg_m==-1 || tg_m==1)]" \
    > MEG_pm_1st.pha \
    > "summed MEG +-1 for two files"

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