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add_pha and can be anywhere in your ISIS load path (see ISIS documentation for get_isis_load_path). add_pha.par should be in your local parameter files directory (see the CIAO documentation for parameter).

Quick-start Example

For a CIAO configured shell (in sh-syntax):
> mkdir scripts
> mv add_pha ./scripts
> mv add_pha.par ${MY_PFILES_DIR}   #  ciao default is ~/cxcds_param
> export ISIS_LOAD_PATH=./scripts:$ISIS_LOAD_PATH
> export PATH=./scrips:$PATH
> ciaorun add_pha

For non-ciao environment, add_pha.par and ciaorun are unnecessary:

> add_pha

For use within ISIS:

isis> .load add_pha_counts
isis> add_pha_counts

Your paths and shell may differ, of course.

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