Phase 1 Simulation

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Status / To do


Spectra generation

Kludgy IDL code from dd.

CMDB to simulator

Routines made by Chris Baluta and John Davis at MIT are used to "read" the CMDB and output .par files for the simulator.

FPC model

The FPC mesh is indicated for 2 mm and larger pinholes. Note that this mesh outline is in the detector plane and so not exactly accurate (i.e., the PSF wil be different at the mesh plane than shown here.)

Simulator code

csim/MARX is the engine.

Output plots and CMDB list

A set of .gif files are created and put in directories. A master cmdb_list.html document is created and each measurement has its own .html page. This is all done in IDL.

Software/Installation details

The s/w is currently installed and running at MIT, generally maintained by Dan Dewey with the csim/MARX engine and CMDB to par files s/w from John Davis and Chris Baluta.

Rehearsal Simulation

Click above title for information/notes on the rehearsal simulations.