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Rehearsal Simulation

Simulation Notes / Status


Very simplistic simulations of most of the EIPS Phase 2 measurements are available. These were made using an IDL procedure, toga_full_sim, to run csim/MARX (a product of ASC-MIT) using the TMA/TOGA csim parameter files to do spatially accurate TMA and TMA/TOGA simulations.

The simulations do try to give a reasonable idea of the image distortion due to the multiple exposure of the '2C windowlets. For ease of display the chip spatial coordinate is in "millifractions": 1000 millifractions equals one chip active-area width or 1.024 pixels per millifraction.

The non-grating spatial linearity tests were falling off the simulation suggesting I had the nominal aim point in the wrong quadrant(?): third quadrant of chip is really "second quadrant" of idealized chip because the real chip is upside down?!? Now assuming that the aim point is to the left = North = minus Y of chip center when looking at the chip from source.

Each simulation is a directory with the following .gif files (listed in alphabetical order as shown by the viewer):

Simulation To Do

Although primarilly implemented to help with Phase 2 rehearsal (and so changes after Oct.5 don't really help), this simulator may be improved if only as a cross check on other implementations. Here are some items that require attention: