Chandra HETG

HETG Principal Investigator: Prof. Claude R. Canizares

E0102 spectrum image

E0102 model spectrum

Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG)

Castro Victoria

HETG Post Docs

As part of its GTO Science Program, the HETG group supports postdoctoral associates who are given relatively free reign to carry out self-motivated research related to the HETG and high-resolution spectroscopy. Announcements of openings are posted with the AAS in its Job Register.

Current and former HETG Post Docs are listed here:
Name Years as
Research Area Where are they now?
Victoria Grinberg 2013--- 2016 . . . MKI
Daniel Castro 2011--- 2014 SNR, cosmic rays MKI and CfA
Joseph Neilsen 2011---2012 XRBs, high-resolution Einstein Fellow at Boston University
Anna Lia Longinotti 2009---2011 AGN physics ESAC, Madrid
Dan Evans 2008---2010 AGN, jets, etc. NSF and SAO.
Tracey DeLaney 2006---2009 Cas A multiwavelength 3D West Virginia Wesleyan College
Yangsen Yao 2005---2008 IGM, WHIM COS team, U. of Colorado
Paola Testa 2004---2007 Stellar coronae SAO, Hinode XRT team
Andy Young 2003---2007 GR, accretion, jets IoA Camb.; U of Bristol
Jasmina Lazendic 2004---2005 Supernova remnants Research Fellow, Monash University
Sarah Gallagher 2002---2003 AGN UCLA
Mario Jimenez-Garate 2001---2005 Accretion disk models New York, NY
Taotao Fang 2001---2002 IGM, Absorption lines UC, Irvine
Julia Lee 1999---2002 AGN, absorption structure Harvard University
Patrick Ogle 1998---2001 AGN IPAC, Cal Tech

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