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Subassembly Grating Performance Tests LETG

Resolving Power

Grating Period Grating "dp/p" Rowland Geometry
HETG : Laser Reflection Test w/
NIST Transfer Standards
Laser Reflection Test Error Budget,
IDL Ray-trace Code
LETG : Diffractometer Test
(lambda = 0.4416 um)
Diffractometer Test Error Budget,
"ARTP" Ray-trace Code

Effective Area

Efficiency Model
Facet Efficiency Vignetting Terms Grating Alignment
HETG : Samples and Reference Gratings
Tested at NSLS, BESSY
X-GEF X-ray Tests
(on each facet)
Determined by Analysis Polarization Alignment
LETG : Samples Tested at BESSY and
in Lab Beamline (ZETA at MPE)
Near-IR Metrology
(on each facet)
Determined by Analysis Diffraction Alignment

HETG Calibration: perf-3, -->