Chandra HETG

HETG Principal Investigator: Prof. Claude R. Canizares

E0102 spectrum image

E0102 model spectrum

Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG)

HETG Calibration

CXC Instruments and Calibration - main CXC calibration web page.

CXC HETG Calibration Information

HETG Technical Notes - HETG in-flight performance and operation.

Multi-mission cross-calibration, see: IACHEC

HETG Calibration Products

HETG at XRCF - Ground Calibration of the HETG.

HETG Ground Calibration Report

Early flight history...

HETG observations table - Manually edited during first three years of flight.

HETG status - year one - Occasional status during first year of flight.

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