Processing XRCF ACIS Data

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PSU provided data sets separated to TRW_ID and processed into FITS files with roughly Level 0 values. See the "Telemetry Data" link at PSU's XRCF web page

dd's Processing of these files

These PSU FITS files were processed by to produce IDL save files containing Level_1-like quantities (DETX, DETY, ENERGY, GRADE, FLTGRADE). Further details are in the header of

MARX Simulations of the Measurements

MARX simulations of the XRCF data are carried out using and .

Energy-color-coded Images

All of this benefits from color-coding events by their (ACIS derived) energies. The small event scatter plots in the web table are created in and use a red to blue mapping to color code the events by their ACIS energy ( The larger color-coded images (data and simulation) are created using (with lots of thanks to Dave H.). Because of ACIS's energy resolution color-coded intensity images are useful!