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XRCF Data (upper: all iterations) and MARX Simulation (lower: first iteration only)

H-HAS-PI-19.002 Notes

Si-K w/Zrx2 filter, Off-axis 0,-10 arc minutes
MARX does good off-axis simulation!!!

2/18/98 MARX was re-run using new HRMA tilts to create this image - now ellipticity is in better agreement!!!
[Before I had written:"But note ellipticity of image is different for MARX and XRCF: could be coordinate system difference (HRMA upside down in MARX?)."]

The CMDB had Zrx4 filter as being 45.51 um thick (and x2 as 5.33 um thick). Galen Z's list says 4.0 and 8.0 um thick. CMDB modified to use these values.