HETE Bursts

The HETE Bursts page contains information about HETE bursts.

GRB 050709 = Trigger 3862

HETE detected and localized the short/hard GRB 050709. followup observations with Chandra, Hubble, and ground-based telescopes reveal a fading counterpart at z = 0.16!! This is the first time a redshift has been determined for a short/hard burst.

GRB 050408 = Trigger 3711

GRB 050408 was localized in real time by both the WXM and SXC on HETE. The burst was promptly followed up with the Swift XRT. An optical counterpart was found at a redshift of 1.24.

HETE-2 GCN Circulars

The GCN Circulars sent out by the HETE Team to date are shown below:

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