HETE Burst H3947

Burst H3947 summary

  • Trigger time is
    • UTC=20051021_132156
    • GRB=GRB051021+48116
  • Triggering instrument was Fregate
  • Trigger timescale was 1.3 seconds
  • Trigger detected in 30-400 keV band

Evaluation GRB051021

Real GRB seen in all instruments
Preliminary spectral analysis shows Epeak of 70 keV
Burst is likely an X-ray rich GRB

Download ASCII table of Fregate Band A, B, C lightcurves here.

The color of trigger H3947, defined by the ratio of total counts in Fregate band C (30-400 keV) to band A (7-40 keV) vs. band B (7-80 keV) to band A, overlaid on a the color-color plot of all localized bursts detected to date. Note the separation of XRFs, XRRs, and GRBs.

The signal to noise in Fregate band C (30-400 keV) of trigger H3947 in relation to the S/N of band C of other localized HETE triggers. We find empirically that most XRFs are faint and soft: the fact that localized bursts require a minimum S/N in the 2-25 keV band means that the band C S/N should be low. We find a cutoff in the band C S/N of 6.5 delineates the XRF/non-XRF population with high reliability.

Skymap for HETE trigger H3947

Link to Jochen Greiner's web page on GRB051021