HETE Burst H2042

Burst H2042 summary

  • Trigger time is
    • UTC=20020531_002618
    • GRB=GRB020531+1578
  • Triggering instrument was Fregate
  • Trigger timescale was 0.02 seconds
  • Trigger detected in 30-400 keV band


Short, hard burst. Localized to a 90% box with corners:
RA = 15h 16m 48s, -19o 43am 12as
RA = 15h 16m 48s, -19o 00am 00as
RA = 15h 12m 30s, -19o 00am 00as
RA = 15h 12m 30s, -19o 43am 12as (J2000).

The error region of GRB020531. The circle and smaller rectangle are the error regions as calculated by two independent analysis methods on the same data. The error region distributed by GCN Notice and Circular is the rectangle that encloses both error regions (in red). The parallelogram is the localization provided by the IPN.