HETE Burst H1939

Burst H1939 summary

  • Trigger time is
    • UTC=20020305_115525
    • GRB=GRB020305+42925
  • Triggering instrument was Fregate
  • Trigger timescale was 13.280 seconds
  • Trigger detected in 30-400 keV band


Real GRB localized to RA +12h 43m 03s Dec -14d 33' 06''

GRB020305 (HETE Trigger #1939)

HETE detected trigger 1939 at 11:55:25 UT on 5 March 2002. The trigger was relatively weak and could not be localized. In examining the burst data, ground analysts found a bright GRB in the Fregate data about 220s later (11:59:04). Unfortunately, this burst occurred at the morning terminator of HETE's orbit, where WXM operations had been scheduled to stop for that orbit: the result was that WXM data were only collected for the first few seconds of this long (~60s) GRB. HETE team members at RIKEN in Japan and the University of Chicago pored over these data for several hours after the burst, and the first result is a 90% error circle 25' in radius, which was published as a GCN Notice at 21:52 UT.

More data on this burst will be published on this page as they are reduced.

The light curves:

The GCN Notice:

      NOTICE_DATE:    Tue 05 Mar 02 21:51:55 UT
      NOTICE_TYPE:    HETE Ground Analysis
      TRIGGER_NUM:    1939,   Seq_Num: 3
      GRB_DATE:       12338 TJD;    64 DOY;   02/03/05
      GRB_TIME:       42925.05 SOD {11:55:25.05} UT
      TRIGGER_SOURCE: Trigger on the 25-400 keV band.
      WXM_SIG/NOISE:  7 sig/noise  on a 13.000 [sec] timescale
      SC_-Z_RA:       166 [deg]
      SC_-Z_DEC:        6 [deg]
      WXM_CNTR_RA:   190.762d {+12h 43m 03s} (J2000),
                     190.790d {+12h 43m 10s} (current),
                     190.109d {+12h 40m 26s} (1950)
      WXM_CNTR_DEC:  -14.552d {-14d 33' 06"} (J2000),
                     -14.564d {-14d 33' 49"} (current),
                     -14.278d {-14d 16' 41"} (1950)
      WXM_MAX_SIZE:    50.00 [arcmin] diameter
      WXM_LOC_SN:      5 sig/noise (pt src in image)
      SUN_POSTN:      345.94d {+23h 03m 47s}   -6.01d {-06d 00' 35"}
      SUN_DIST:       147.90 [deg]
      MOON_POSTN:     246.27d {+16h 25m 05s}  -20.14d {-20d 08' 40"}
      MOON_DIST:       53.02 [deg]
      MOON_ILLUM:     56 [%]
      GAL_COORDS:     299.88,48.27 [deg] galactic lon,lat of the burst
      COMMENTS:       Definite GRB.
      COMMENTS:       WXM error box is circular; not rectangular.
      COMMENTS:       Burst_Validity flag is true.
      COMMENTS:       WXM data refined since S/C_Last Notice.