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From: David P. Huenemoerder <dph_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 11:58:49 -0500
    >> I also wrote a multi-gauss function for someone else
    Manfred> Actually no -- that was me, too! ;-)

Oh - I didn't mean someone not you - but someone not me!  (But I did
forget it was you.  Norbert also had a use for it.  I used it once,
then didn't have much need again.)

    Manfred> Virtually every analysis script starts anyway with
    Manfred> require("isisscripts");
    Manfred> such that these model definitions are enabled almost at the beginning. 
    Manfred> (By the way, the same situation arises when local models are used. 
    Manfred> Before calling load_xspec_local_models, load_par obviously can't work.)

I prefer to manage my own "requires" rather than load everything.  We
keep the more developed (documented) stuff in a common area, but don't
have an automatic loader for it.  (and there are conflicts; you can't
load gsl without clobbering the isis read/write variable for silicon,

    Manfred> (I've also heard of users putting *all* their own functions immediately 
    Manfred> in their ~/.isisrc...) 

His initials are M.A.N.

-- Dave

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