Analysis: work in progress, notes, memos, & publications.

Work in Progress

ACIS contamination utilities for data analysis.

General X-ray Data Analysis

``Introduction to X-Ray Data Analysis'',
David Huenemoerder (MIT) and Randall Smith (CfA);
Presentation for the CXC/CIAO Workshops, November 2001.
(postscript) (pdf)

HETG/LETG Analysis

Analysis Guide for Chandra High Resolution Spectroscopy

HETGS line profile simulations: statistics or features?

Test of new HRC-S QE and QEU (uniformity) files [UPDATED 2001.12.21; (---- UNDER REVIEW ----) ]

Capella flight HETG data: preliminary analysis.

Final results were published in: Canizares et al. (2000), Ap.J. Letters, 539, L41.

II Pegasi HETGS spectrum

"X-Ray Spectroscopy of II Pegasi: Coronal Temperature Structure, Abundances, and Variability"
Huenemoerder, Schulz, and Canizares (2001) (Astrophysical Journal abstract) or (astro-ph abstract)

ACIS Analysis

Pileup Correction in ISIS, Sherpa, and XSPEC: A Comparison for Low Pileup Fractions (03/28/02)

ACIS Event-Selection Criteria (11/10/99)

Event Status Bits (11/19/99)

Mapping of FLTGRADE to GRADE (12/08/99)

ACIS Memos

Changes to the ACIS processing tools to compensate for the effects of CTI (10/20/99)

PSF Analysis & Results

HETG RMF tests (03/07/01)

Gaussian PSF fits (01/27/99)

RMF & ARF tests (10/15/99)

Fitted 1-d profiles (05/15/98)

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