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General X-ray Data Analysis

``Introduction to X-Ray Data Analysis'',
David Huenemoerder (MIT) and Randall Smith (CfA);
Presentation for the CXC/CIAO Workshops, November 2001.
(postscript) (pdf)

HETG/LETG Analysis

Analysis Guide for Chandra High Resolution Spectroscopy

HETGS line profile simulations: statistics or features?

Test of new HRC-S QE and QEU (uniformity) files [UPDATED 2001.12.21; (---- UNDER REVIEW ----) ]

Capella flight HETG data: preliminary analysis.

Final results were published in: Canizares et al. (2000), Ap.J. Letters, 539, L41.

II Pegasi HETGS spectrum

Huenemoerder, Schulz, and Canizares (2001), Ap.J. 559 (Accepted, Oct 2001) preprint

ACIS Analysis

Pileup Correction in ISIS, Sherpa, and XSPEC: A Comparison for Low Pileup Fractions (03/28/02)

ACIS Event-Selection Criteria (11/10/99)

Event Status Bits (11/19/99)

Mapping of FLTGRADE to GRADE (12/08/99)

J. Kastner's "CXC ACIS processing at a glance" (spreadsheet lists of ACIS tools and data products to be coded/produced by the CXC DS); barely readable on screen, so print 'em out on a sheet of paper:

ACIS tools list (12/10/97)

ACIS data products list (12/9/97)

ACIS Memos

Changes to the ACIS processing tools to compensate for the effects of CTI (10/20/99)

PSF Analysis & Results

Fitted 1-d profiles (05/15/98)

Gaussian PSF fits (01/27/99)

PSF Analysis & Results

RMF & ARF tests (19/15/99)

HETG RMF tests (03/07/01)

External links to relevant CXC/SAO materials:

Tool Specifications Book (postscript; maintained by Dong-Woo Kim)

Tool Table (barely readable; maintained by Fred Seibel)

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