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HETG/LETG Analysis

Analysis Guide for Chandra High Resolution Spectroscopy

Capella flight HETG data: preliminary analysis.

Final results were published in: Canizares et al. (2000), Ap.J. Letters, 539, L41.

ACIS Analysis

ACIS Event-Selection Criteria (11/10/99)

Event Status Bits (11/19/99)

Mapping of FLTGRADE to GRADE (12/08/99)

J. Kastner's "ASC ACIS processing at a glance" (spreadsheet lists of ACIS tools and data products to be coded/produced by the ASC DS); barely readable on screen, so print 'em out on a sheet of paper:

ACIS tools list (12/10/97)

ACIS data products list (12/9/97)

ACIS Memos

Changes to the ACIS processing tools to compensate for the effects of CTI (10/20/99)

PSF Analysis & Results

Fitted 1-d profiles (05/15/98)

Gaussian PSF fits (01/27/99)

PSF Analysis & Results

RMF & ARF tests (19/15/99)

External links to relevant ASC/SAO materials:

Tool Specifications Book (postscript; maintained by Dong-Woo Kim)

Tool Table (barely readable; maintained by Fred Seibel)

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