plot options x/yopt

From: Arik Mitschang <amitschang_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 09:47:20 -0500
I would like to create a plot without the numbers on one axis. In
PGPLOT I can specify a yopt or an xopt = "BC" and no numbers will
be displayed but both sides of the frame will be printed. It seems
that whenever I use

o = get_plot_options;
o.yopt = "BC";

then something like

plot( [1:20], sin([1:20]) );

the numbers are displayed on the y-axis and I see that yopt has been
set to "BCN" automatically when I

print( get_plot_options );

Any help would be much appreciated. I know it is possible to create
such a thing with the _pg* functions, but using o/hplot is very appealing
for its high levelness

% isis --version
ISIS version 1.4.9-15; S-Lang version 2.1.3

and pgplot ver5.2.2

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