Re: get_iback

From: <rgibson_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 11:50:54 -0400
>> define_back( n, back_file) ;
> you could also do:
>> n_back = load_data( back_file ) ;
> and treat it like any other counts histogram. (assuming you then bin
> it like your data are binned).
> Does that suffice for what you want to do?

You're saying something like:

sourceI = load_data("source.pi");
bgI = load_data("bg.pi");
t0 = get_data_counts(sourceI);
t1 = get_data_counts(bgI);
bgCts = rebin(t0.bin_lo, t0.bin_hi, t1.bin_lo, t1.bin_hi, t0.value);

I guess that's straightforward enough.  ;;-)  Am I missing anything 
with how the
background is handled?  (I generally get confused when I call get_iback, hence
the email question.)

So then if I wanted to fit the background spectrum of the source, could I
define_counts(bgCts * sourceScale / bgScale) and use the same ARF/RMF as I'm
using for the source?


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