First findzo / tg_findzo announcement

From: Bish ishibashi <bish_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 09:41:35 -0600
Dear Chandra grating users:

The first public release of the S-Lang tool "findzo" is
now available from:

The "findzo" package contains an algorithm for detecting
a centroid position of a zeroth order image of Chandra
HETGS and LETGS (i.e., zero wavelength position) by
finding an intersection between grating arms and a data
transfer streak. The findzo tool is useful for those
targets which the zeroth order image is severely piled
or blocked out due to their brightness in X-rays. The
tool has been tested rigorously by MIT SDS and Chandra
pipeline prcessing group for its accuracy in determining
an improved reference point for zero wavelength.

Please visit the link above to learn more about how the
tool works and how to install the package.

Best regards,

Kazunori "Bish" Ishibashi and David P. Huenemoerder

PS. if you are attending X-ray grating spectroscopy meeting
     in Boston next week, you should check out Joy Nichols'
     poster on the findzo tool:

"Bish" K. Ishibashi, Ph.D.

NorthWest Research Associates, Inc.       e bish_at_email.domain.hiddenCoRA Division                             w 303-415-9701 x241
3380 Mitchell Lane                        f 303-415-9702
Boulder, CO 80303
U.S.A.                                    h
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