Re: pgplot y-axis key

From: <rgibson_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 06 Jul 2007 15:23:36 -0400
Thanks, Mike, for the example.  I see how I could draw the multiplot "by hand"
using _pgplot primitives (I think), although that would require a lot of
retrofitting of code.  That's tolerable, but I'd have to set up the multiplot
panes by hand, too.  This works great for single-pane plots, and I'll use it
for those.

Is there any way to just write over the y axis numbers?  (I'd probably just do
this in photoshop if it came to it.)  xylabel() does seem to plot "outside the
box", so I could use it to overwrite the label.  Unfortunately, 
xylabel(x, y, "
  ") doesn't work... the routine seems to ignore spaces.  Is there something
like the old ASCII 255 I could use, or is there another way to blank a region?


Quoting Michael Noble <mnoble_at_email.domain.hidden
> Hi Rob,
>> I know this is an uncontrollable pgplot feature, but I thought maybe
>> I could get around it by using _pgrect() to blank out the axis key
>> and write my own values over it with xylabel().
>> Is there a good way to get around this?
> Look at the attached scripts: nolabx, nolaby, and mplot.  They use
> the _pgbox() primitive to tell pgplot to avoid writing either
> X or Y labels.  The mplot script may come the closest to doing
> what you want, so perhaps it can be adapted to your purpose.
> You can try them out with
> 	isis>  .source nolabx
> 	isis>  .source nolaby
> 	isis>  .source mplot
> Good Luck,
> Mike

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