Re: fit_counts error

From: John E. Davis <davis_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 11:41:53 -0400
rgibson_at_email.domain.hidden>Have I done something wrong?  Is there a way to predict the error will occur?
>chisqr= 6.0208e+01:
> voigt(4).norm=  3.07185834e+07 voigt(4).energy=  4.48342156e-06
> voigt(4).fwhm=  1.57040638e-01 voigt(4).vtherm=  4.62511027e+03
>*** Error:  function evaluation failed
>S-Lang Error: Intrinsic Error: Error while executing __isis_tmp_ffname__
>lmdif1: algorithm estimates that the relative error in the sum of squares is at
>most tol.

I do not think that you can always predict that an error will occur in
any particular case.  However, you should assume that an error may
occur and prepare for that accordingly.  In the case of fit_counts,
you can use something like

   try {
     s = fit_counts ();
   } catch AnyError: {
       % handle the error, e.g., 
       set_fit_method ("marquardt");
       s = fit_counts ();

The above code assumes that you are using slang-2.

I hope this helps.
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