Re: angstrom symbol in xlabel

From: John Houck <houck_at_email.domain.hidden>
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2007 15:24:54 -0400
On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 15:36 -0300, juan luna wrote:
> Hi:
> I'm trying to put the angstrom symbol in the xlabel of
> a plot instead of the word Angstrom, I used \A and
> \gA, \AA, but none works, any hint?, Thanks!

Either "\\A" or "\A"R should work. By default, slang interprets
a single backslash as an escape for the following character.
To prevent this, one can either use a double-backslash, "\\A"
or, in slang-2, add an R suffix to the entire string: 
"Wavelength [\A]"R.

> Juan
> Ups, another question:
> I'm plotting a spectrum which consisted of the
> combination of HEG and MEG \pm 1 orders, and grouping
> by a factor 2. To plot, I'm using the script,
> and So, when I want to plot
> the spectrum, model and residual, I created the alias:
> match_dataset_grids([1,2,3,4]);
> variable g = combine_datasets([1:4]);
> group_data([1:4],2);
> alias("pdcc(g),opmcc(g),presid( -g, 0 )", "dibu");

The alias function is only intended to substitute one name for
another and isn't general enough for this purpose. Instead, I
think you want to define a new function, such as:

  define dibu(g)
      presid(-g, 0);
The new function can then be used directly:

  g = combine_datasets ([1:4]);
  dibu (g);

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