isis-0.9.55 is available

From: John Houck <houck>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 15:43:03 -0400
isis-0.9.55 is now available from

It includes several new features:

 * better support for handling backgrounds, including
   support for fitting an instrumental background
   component with individual data sets.
   See the manual for details and more information on 
   the new functions

 * A new 'fakeit' function to support generating fake data
   for proposal planning, etc.   Among other things,
   it could be used for generating fake piled-up data
   (using John Davis's pileup model)
   See the manual for details on fakeit().

 * Support for user-defined minimzation algorithms and
   fit statistics.  An alternate minimization algorithm
   called 'subplex' is now available.
   See the manual entries for

 * Better support for generating complex spectral models
   using the APED database.
   See define_model()

 * Functions to generate XSPEC-style plots of data vs. model
   with residuals
   See rplot_counts()   

* Sample data is no longer included in the ISIS distribution,
   but is still available as a separate tar file.  This
   reduces the size of the source code distribution to a 
   1.5 Mb compressed tar file (including the PDF manual).
 * Several other changes are also included.  See the file
   Changes.txt for more information.

John C. Houck    MIT Center for Space Research
617-253-3849     One Hampshire St, NE80-6005, Cambridge, MA 02139
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