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Workshop talks

An Introduction to ISIS

Navigating atomic databases with ISIS

Advanced Topics

!! New talks from High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopic Software and Tools

Intro to ISIS (Interactive Spectral Interpretation System)

Remeis ISIS Scripts


Talks from previous workshops

A comprehensive list of online ISIS resources:


Examples and Tutorials

Three introductory tutorials from M. Nowak:

Summer schools that feature ISIS examples

ISIS installation guides

Additional ISIS tools

If you want to browse AtomDB 3 with ISIS, support is now available. From the AtomDB website:

ISIS Users: the ISIS software requires access to the underlying atomic database. We normally distribute this as part of the release, however the files produced are very large (>10s of Gb). As a result, this tarball will provide the wavelengths and energy levels required by ISIS. untar them in the same directory as the rest of the AtomDB files from above. A description of the issue is given here (PDF)
The tarball is here: atomdb_v3_0_2_isis.tar.bz2

Getting help in ISIS

Getting started + How to find help in ISIS

An example of an .isisrc file

set ISIS history file in .cshrc: "setenv ISIS_HISTORY_FILE ~yourpath/.isis_history"

Loading and fitting spectra

Looping over several spectra & simple fits using LMC X-1 RXTE/PCA data

Problem set: Spectral analysis of high resolution X-ray binary data (M. Nowak)
Solutions: groJ1655.sl

Working with atomic databases

Problem set: Finding and identifying weak emission lines in stellar HETG spectrum (D. Huenemoerder)
Solutions: capella.sl

Xfig and advanced plotting

Other advanced topics