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2-D Grating PSF Images

In this section we show examples of the two dimensional structure of the images which will be used to derive LSF's, cross-dispersion profiles and encircled energy functions in the later sections.

Figure 2 shows representative 2-D on-axis images from which the dispersion and cross-dispersion profiles are derived. Both of these images are sampled at 1 $\mu $m resolution which is 24 times better than the resolution of ACIS and the image size is 256 pixels on a side.

Figure: Two dimensional images of the HEG LSF. The left image is the 1.497 keV line and the right is the 8.05 keV. Both images are for the HEG -1 order. The pixel size is 1$\mu $m and the major tick marks are spaced at 25 $\mu $m.



David Davis