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LETG Multi-order RSP Files

Making LETG + HRC-S RSP matrices

The generation of an RSP matrix requires as in input an rmf and an arf. The rmf is supplied as an off-the-shelf product and is not intended for general analysis - for instance the LSF is not quite correct so that the analysis of a spectral line will yeild incorrect results. The arfs must be generated for the observation that is to be analyzed. I used the script mkgarf_hrcs that is available from

to generate the arfs. Once the arfs have been generated for the rmf files then I use the ftools marfrmf and addrmf. marfrmf multiplies the arf and rmf to make the rsp files and addrmf combines the rsp files for different orders. I wrote a simple script to do this.

#! /bin/tcsh -f
# -*- sh -*-

source ftools

marfrmf "leg1_test.rmf[1]"  "leg1_test_arfLEG_1_garf.fits" leg_1_test.rsp
marfrmf "leg2_test.rmf[1]"  "leg1_test_arfLEG_2_garf.fits" leg_2_test.rsp

addrmf leg_1_test.rsp,leg_2_test.rsp 1.0,1.0 leg_mult.rsp


Where the "source ftools" is just to setup my version of ftools. The example above only sums the first and second order rsp files but in principle any number of orders may be summed.

David Davis