Stephen Jones

Login name: sjones                      In real life: Stephen Jones
Office: 662b, 3-0320
Directory: /nfs/benz/h1/sjones          Shell: /bin/tcsh

Title:          Research Scientist
Interest:       Experimental Physics, X-ray Sources, X-ray Physics,
                Tritium, Nuclear Fusion, and Ice Hockey.
Major Work:     Pulse Power Generators, Intense Ion Beam Generation,
                X-ray Emission and Detection from Fusion Plasmas, 
                Tokamak Plasma Current Profile Control, Fast Electron
                Diffusion in Tokamak Plasmas, X-ray Generation in
                X-ray Tubes, and Tritium as a Low Energy X-ray Source.
Bio:            B.S. 1984 California Institue of Technology.
                M.S. 1986 Cornell University.
                Ph.D 1991 Cornell University.
                Postdoc, 1991-1994 MIT (in residence at JET, Oxford,
                        England, and at PBX-M, Princeton, NJ).
                Research Scientist, 1995 - present, MIT.
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