Contributions of the MIT ACIS Team to the AXAF Calibration Review

Marshall Space Flight Center, 13-15 November 1996

Introduction and Model Summary

* AICS CCD Detector Calibration Overview
* ACIS X-ray Information Flow
* Front-Illuminated X-ray CCD Structure
* Optical Depth Maps of CCID 7 Pixel Gate Structure
* Calculated Potential Profiles Inside a Single Pixel

Calibration Plan Summary

* ACIS Ground Calibration Flow
* ACIS CCD Devices That Meet Screening Criteira
* Spectral Resolution Measurements
* Measurements at "Off-nominal" Conditions"

Calibration Results: Spectral Resolution and Relative Efficiency

* Sample Gain/FWHM for a Front-Illuminated CCD
* Sample Gain/FWHM for a Back-Illuminated CCD
* Silicon Escape Peak Features
* Modelled Off-Peak Features
* Summary of Resolution Measurements of Selected CCDs
* Relative QE of CCD W103c4
* Summary of Quantum Efficiency Measurements

Calibration Results: Absolute Detection Efficiency (PTB/BESSY)

* ACIS Calibratioin Objectives at PTB/BESSY
* Count Rate Linearity/Reproducibility
* Measured and Modelled Response of MIT CCD to PTB/BESSY White Light Beam
* Edge Structure Measurements


* Concerns and Limitations of ACIS Calibration

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